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Happy Fourth of July everyone!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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Hello, everyone!

I hope you’re all enjoying your Fourth of July weekend. Or the first weekend of July for anyone who is not from America! How’s your summer going? We hope you’re having fun!

Lulu’s on vacation for the next few days, but I’m not going anywhere. Head over to our ask and let us know if we can help you with anything. And THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES for following us. We love you!

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So me and my ex broke up 9 months ago after being together for 4 years,He was my first love, well I guess pretty much my first everything, Through the first 3 months it was a lot of fighting and him leading me on and then just not talking. Me and haven’t been talking for like 6 months now. The other day I walked into his work (he works at a grocery store) to buy stuff and I didn’t say anything to him because I didn’t feel like talking to him would be a good idea considering he was the one who just randomly started ignoring me,So I just kind of avoided him and tried not to make eye contact even though I was watching him out of the corner of my eye, and I saw him watching me out of the corner of his too. So yesterday I was on the phone with my friend Mary and she tells me that she and her friend Jeannie went into his work and he kept hitting on Jeannie like really obviously, and after he did it he kept smirking at Mary, and im not really sure what to feel, I wanna think that he did it because he knew that Mary would tell me but i’m not sure if its just hopeful thinking on my part.

Well, regardless of why your ex was flirting with Jeannie, he’s a jerk. Again, not completely sure what you’re asking for (advice-wise), but I don’t think you should worry. Yes, this guy was your first love and first everything. You’ll probably never forget him. He will always be a part of you, and that’s fine. But you’ve been broken up for 9 months now and if he’s ignoring you, I’m assuming he has no interest in getting back together with you.

He could have just been flirting with Jeannie to piss you off, or he could have actually been interested in her. Either way, I don’t think he’s still interested in you. Which is totally fine. Invest your time in something - or someone ;) - better. Go on a road trip, spend a day at the beach, take up a new hobby, read a book, play board games with your friends, learn something new, bake a cake - do whatever you want. This guy isn’t a part of your life anymore, so do what you want and what is going to make you happy. And if you find a new guy along the way, then that’s great! But don’t let your ex’s immaturity get to you. You’re better than that.

||| Sasha


So i have this best friend “Emily”. and me and her have been friends for about 10 months now, and will become roommates in less than a month. Emily’s been dating this guy named “Zac” for about 10 months as well,Zac’s temperamental and he yells at her a lot, and calls her all kinds of name,and they fight like crazy, and he cheats and lies to her all the time. He’s a jerk to her friends but its like the minute we say anything back to him she flips out on us for being “mean” to her boyfriend.But when they’re not fighting or when he knows he’s messed up again, he’s of course full of the “i love you’s” and “You mean the world to me’s” and she fall’s for it every single time. So yesterday around 4 Emily decided that we were gonna have a sleepover at my house and that she was gonna be over about 6, so 6 comes and I call her and she’s like “I’ll be over at 9 because I have to run some errands for my mom”. and I was like okay. So she comes over about 9 and we’re hanging out and I commented on one of her status’s earlier that day telling her to hurry up and come over and Zac comments on it and was like “She was with me,You know how I don’t like to share her attention with anyone.” I confronted her about it and she was like “I didn’t tell you because I thought you would be mad” and I totally get that she was trying to do the right thing and all because I would’ve been mad, but there’s still the fact that She lied to me, and I would’ve been less mad if she would’ve just told me the truth?

Well from what you’ve said, Zac is a total jerk and doesn’t deserve Emily (or any girl, for that matter). It’s especially weird that he doesn’t want to “share” her or her attention with anyone else. I’m not sure what you wanted advice about, but this guy doesn’t really seem like someone you should be around. And the fact that Emily felt like she had to lie to you about being with him is weird too. You should confront Emily and tell her that you’re concerned - Zac seems really controlling and dangerous, and he apparently doesn’t treat Emily well.

Their relationship does not sound healthy, and Emily might be better off without him. She might think you’re “jealous” or overstepping your boundaries, but you’re just looking out for your friend and you want what’s best for her. She might not be able to see any flaws because she’s so involved in the relationship, but if you’re not the only one to bring this up to her, she might realize that you’re not trying to sabotage any relationship - you’re really just looking out for her.

||| Sasha


Anonymous submitted: love your blog :D

Thank you so much! If you follow us, then thank you. And if you don’t, you should ;)


Anonymous submitted: I hate who i am and i actually cant stand life right now, i never get on with my family, me and my sister constantly argue and then i end up feeling like the worst person in the world cause she's younger then me, my mum and i dont get on at all either she's always sticking up for my little sister even when my sisters in the wrong and i'm always being fretened to get kicked out. I keep loosing people who mean a lot to me for no reason, they just choose to walk out my life and backstab me. i feel like everyone hates me and i dont know why cause i never do anything wrong i'm just a shy person that keeps myself to myself and i'm too nice for my own good which i hate, but i cant be horrid to anyone :/ i'm constantly getting told i'm ugly and annoying lately which really gets to me i always feel rubbish about myself and people have started pointing out the things i'm paranoid about like the fact i'm too shy and being unattractive and if i'm sometimes annoying if my shyness goes away. i spend ages doing my hair and make up cause ive been insecure about my looks for ages now and i then get called ugly, i spend so much money on make up clothes and hair products just like any girl but it obviously doesnt pay off. i also need to stop drinking i think thats probably why i'm classed as annoying but i don't get why cause every student drinks. i feel everyones so two faced about me and i'd understand if i was an A class bitch but like i said i'm too nice for my own good. i'm sick of fake people and not having anywhere to feel happy, i want to move away and start fresh but i know this isnt the answer to my problems. i'm also worried about my future, i feel i'm failing in college and i dont have a clue what i want to do. also my friends always ditch me for their boyfriends, i'm just second best to everyone. what can i do?

I think the first thing you can do is surround yourself with better people. You say your family situation is sucky right now and you don’t get along with them? Spend some time away from them as much as possible. You can’t get yelled at or blamed for things that happen when you’re not around. And maybe some time apart from your family will make them realize how much they love you and care about you, and that they should be treating you like crap. You can also try to talk to your mom and express your feelings about how she treats you (regarding your sister, etc.). Also, the fighting between siblings usually stops when you get older. I’m not saying like 30 or 40, even in your late teens/early 20’s it shouldn’t be that big of a deal (depending on the age difference of course).

If your “friends” are backstabbing you or telling you that you’re ugly or annoying, they’re not good friends. Stop hanging out with them, stop talking to them, stop associating with them. They would not be treating you like crap if they were really your friends. Find different people to associate with that will treat you right. People from classes, or clubs at school; someone from work; a neighbor; an old friend from high school. It may seem difficult, but there are plenty of people out there who will accept you for who you are.

Don’t listen to any person who calls you ugly. You’re not. I promise. And if people don’t treat you right because you’re shy, then that’s the biggest load of crap ever. You can’t help being shy. I know that’ll make things a little harder if you try to make new friends, but it can happen. And once you have a couple of friends, you’ll make more by association.

Good luck working things out! If you need anything else, feel free to ask.

||| Sasha


Do you know what today is?

JUNE 28TH! Is that special? No, not as far as I know. But I’m pretty sure school’s out for most people by now, which should mean you have nothing to do. You should change that and write in the ask with your questions! Or vent about something if you want.

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